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Default Browser for "Cloud" MIP

We would like the ability to select a default browser of our choosing for the "Cloud" MIP remote connection in relation to the browser that opens when MIP Advance, Online Chats, Product Guides, etc are opened.  There are conflicting opinions, from various sources, on the security of IE11.  We have found all items we have tested can be copied into other browsers, and load successfully.  If an organizations IT department deems IE11 as a potential security risk it poses as a major issue if no other browser option is available.

  • Jason Gibson
  • Dec 11 2019
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  • Admin
    Claudine Martin commented
    01 Jul 14:39

    Jason - with the release of the self-service portal, Abilaonline Private Cloud now runs on Chrome. It does not have to be run from Internet Explorer any longer. The landing page has been re-branded and can be reached here directly = https://www.abilaonline.com/signin?after=%2F

    MIP Advance has been re-branded as MIP Cloud and can be accessed form any browser form here = http://login.abilaonline.com/