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Allow Document Amount to Total on Transaction Reports - Especially Unposted Reports

Most of our cash receipts are received net of a processing fee, therefore we credit the revenue at gross, debit an expense amount for the fees and debit the net as the cash received.  When we print an unposted transaction report, the total is appropriately the total of the debits and credits, but that is not the total for the deposit.  So we have to print a 2nd report that shows the totals by account code to confirm amount of the batch's cash deposit.

The report can print the field Document Amount which is the deposit amount, but the field can't be total.  If Document Amount totaled, then it could be totaled and the deposit amount confirmed on the Unposted Transaction report. 

Also, it would be nice if the amount didn't repeat and only printed once per document.

  • Tom Donelan
  • Feb 5 2020
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