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Enable negative amount filter on Check Register

Submitted on behalf of client:

When running a Check Register report for checks over a certain amount, checks that have subsequently been voided are still pulling in (not the voids, the originals).  For example, if we are filtering for Document Amount > 4,999 the voids aren't being pulled in to cancel out the originals, since they are negative.  However, we are unable to filter for Document Amount 'not between' -4,999 and +4,999 so that we get the voids greater than 5,000 and the originals greater than 5,000 so they can cancel each other out.  This is a monthly report run by the CFO to report to the board, and they typically don't know which checks have been voided which can cause us to overstate our checks to the board. 

  • Kristen Stoughton
  • Apr 19 2017
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