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I would like to add the document description to the EFT emails that are auto-generated for Direct Deposit Vendors.

Vendors are sometimes confused about how to apply a payment that is processed through Direct Deposit. The only detail listed on the email is the dollar amount and the document number.

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  • Apr 28 2017
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  • nick voz commented
    24 Sep 09:08pm

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  • Guest commented
    5 May 08:09pm

    We would like to increase our number of ACH vendors but we need more detail included in the auto-generated email. Document Description would be a great option. Or, the idea of including the Voucher as an attachment to the email would also work.

  • Laura Weisgarber commented
    27 Mar, 2019 03:51pm

    It is difficult to pay landlords with that have multiple clients.  We need to provide them with the address and unit number.

  • Stacey Slaughter commented
    29 Nov, 2018 06:15pm

    In addition to adding the description/voucher, it would be helpful to provide the payment control number in the email or in the subject line for the receiving person/entity.

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr, 2018 11:05pm

    Agreed - we would like to increase the number of ACH vendors but one of the stumbling blocks is that the auto email doesn't provide enough remittance information.

  • Curtis Cox commented
    22 Nov, 2017 08:01pm

    We are slowly going down the path to pay vendors with ACH. I would like to have the AP voucher that I created be either attached to or included within the e-mail notification. That provides all the information for the vendor to be able to credit our account accordingly.

  • Alan Stachowitz commented
    8 Sep, 2017 08:50pm

    We would opt for this also.  Our organization pays for employee travel where there isn't necessarily an invoice created.  

  • Tim Steuermann commented
    18 Aug, 2017 09:36pm

    I agree this would be very helpful I would like the email that is sent to clients or vendors use the regular check description that is used when paying purchase orders like as example: paying a landlord or somebody's account like Jane Doe June rent and the amount of course or Jane June acct #xxxxxxxx  and the amount. This would save alot of phones calls from the vendors as they don't know what is being paid it just says on ours a P.O. number and the amount, the P.O. doesn't do them any good they need a name or an account number something to go by. Thanks Tim

  • Guest commented
    26 May, 2017 01:36pm

    Or attach the voucher to the email like is done in Payroll