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Provide the option to turn off discontinued items from appearing on various drop down lists.

Been using MIP since 1997, and we have a lot of discontinued codes, vendors, employees, etc. all across our system.  It creates a lot of screen clutter when searching a drop down list. It would be very nice if there was a toggle so we could turn off our view of the discontinued items.

  • Paula Wiggins
  • May 4 2017
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  • Jean Ingebritsen commented
    July 17, 2018 16:49

    YES PLEASE!!!  We are in the same boat.  Seems absurd that we have to scroll through discontinued codes, vendors, etc -- this is a significant time and efficiency issue for us and judging by the votes it is for others also -- it becomes more of an issue the longer an organization is a loyal customer...!

  • Jessica Roche commented
    August 09, 2018 21:20

    This is an ABSOLUTE MUST! 

  • Donna Posey commented
    October 01, 2018 16:46

    I agree!

  • Desiree Gonzalez commented
    09 May 22:09

    Please include this in your requisition module as well. Our drop down list for requester is fairly long depending on how the individual's name was typed.

  • Ronny West commented
    15 Aug 10:36

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    Moreover, I have the same case. I think this is some bug here.

  • Laura Gimbert commented
    11 Sep 16:58

    Hoping to bump this up!

  • Dezy Dez commented
    07 Nov 07:53

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