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Accounts Payable - ability to distribute sales taxes

Currently AP clerks can spend many hours allocating sales tax on a bill among many line items of entry.  This is true to bills with many line items, or are in one way or another split among numerous GL account and/or cost centers/ departments.  For example, Home Depot has many line items on their invoice which our agency has to distribute among various sites and GL codes.

Sales taxes are not distributed on most all vendors' bills.  this then requires the AP clerk to either use their calculator or to then devise a spreadsheet in order to correctly distribute the tax costs among the different line items.  In other words double entering items is required.

Idea:  Allow AP clerks to just enter the cost to a given cost center. then click a button, type in the the sales tax total, then MIP distributes it among the line items.  This is like what happens in payroll where benefits and taxes follow the cost targets of wages.

This would save a lot of time and distress and wasted time..

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  • May 12 2017
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