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Add a W-9 Checkbox in Vendor Profile

Ability to run a report to see who submitted or has not submitted. A/P and Auditors can readily verify. A simple checkbox on the Vendor tab works. Want more detail, can add IRS Revision Date (Mo & Yr) & signature date fields which would allow for asking for an updated W-9.

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  • Jul 27 2020
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  • vigraxreview vigraxreview commented
    03 Aug 06:25

    It also says that the product cannot be used in all cases and care ought to be taken all through use. vigraxreview So we ask ourselves: How will the user recognize if the product is appropriate for them or now not without knowing how it's miles composed?

  • ritcha filterfar commented
    31 Jul 08:11

    I want to know more pg details about A / P. I have read the content. But still wondering Can you make a suggestion

  • mari kama commented
    28 Jul 05:42

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