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Add Payroll / Write Check Ability for Liabilities

Every payroll user would benefit from this feature.  Every payroll I have to run a posted report to pull Liabilities then create reports to send to Accounts Payable showing what funds each account has been charged in order to create an accounts payable check to offset those accounts. I have created several saved reports for each liability we pay from payroll deductions, in the filter I change the dates, then I have to transfer these amounts manually to a report and then have a check generated by accounts payable.

Doing these steps leave much room for human error, wrong pull dates, and possible missed liability payments.

Could you build in a feature which would allow you to PAY or DEFER liability payments left in the liability account?  In other words, if you built in a liability check feature, there would be no need to run data reports to get the data which objects and funds were affected.  The check creation would do this and when posted will do the balancing journal.

 The feature should be smart enough to know what you didn't yet pay.  You should be able to determine the time ranges to pay what is in the deferred file.

Our previous software used to do this, and the only time we ever had to journal entry anything was if it was an electronic payment.

I will be happy to further explain this for development.  PLEASE!!

Thank you!!

  • Wenda Butler
  • Jun 7 2017