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Allow more columns in Drillpoint

After an update last year to Drillpoint, the maximum number of columns allowed in a Drillpoint report dropped to 52. This was supposedly done to make the reports run faster. While that may be helpful having quicker reports (my old report took over 2 hours to run), what is the point of allowing a report creation tool to only work on small reports? This is supposed to save me manual report production time, but for the largest reports where this tool would be the most useful, I am limited in how many columns. This make the tool useless for organization that might need to run large reports. Specifically, this was an issue for us when creating a functional expense report broken out by program area. Even worse, this update was made after my report was already created, meaning I couldn't go back and change it anymore without downgrading to an older version.

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  • Jul 24 2017
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    18 Apr 07:37am

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