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Make pay rates effective dated in HR Module

Currently, the HR Module's Current Pay tab fields are not effective dated.  When running a historical report, the current pay is used instead of the pay at the time in history. Also,  we cannot change a pay rate until the pay period in which it is effective. For example, today is 8/16/17,  and a pay change for an employee is 10/1/17.  Currently, I cannot  process this pay change until the payroll before 10/1/17 is processed.  I'd like to set it up in the system ahead of time.  The Benefits Plans tab allows for this. 

  • Amy Trosine
  • Aug 16 2017
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  • Kimberly Terry commented
    December 16, 2019 15:28

    We have to scramble when it is time to give employees merit increases.  Very little time to enter hundreds of employees, verify, etc.  Also, need it for when employee's receive an increase in middle of the pay period.  I would love for this option to back date a pay rate and it automatically increase the difference the employee has received as well.

  • Kim Grimes commented
    June 19, 2018 14:01

    This would be so useful.  At yearly merit raise time, we have to scramble to update all records with new rates between pay periods instead of being able to enter new rates with effective dates in the future.  Also, system does not recognize a new employee that starts in the future, so we cannot  enter new employees until just before the pay period. And if we want a new pay rate to take effect in the middle of a pay week, a lot of calculation and manual entry has to be done to make it work.