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Soft error message when leave is requested in excess of available balance in EWS

Please reference #SC0435236 - "Leave request issue." Our agency is rolling out EWS for initial usage. With 200 employees it would be ideal if an employee received some sort of soft alert that would note they are requesting leave that would exceed their available balance. This could eliminate follow up from a managerial perspective, as well as reduce confusion with how the software works, and what is available. While the balances are shown on the leave request screen, front line employees unfamiliar with the software may not notice them or correlate the leave balances/accruals with what can be requested. This issue has been requested as a fix before, to which the end result was not allowing leave to exceed the balance at the approver level. This 'alert' would be more beneficial to the requesting employee to prompt a correction, or if in fact they are trying to exceed their balance, could prompt a discussion with their manager. Please feel free to contact me for further clarification.

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  • Sep 18 2017
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