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Ability inside of MIP to Attach AR Documentation to an Invoice BEFORE emailing to Customer

Often times I have backup support documentation that must accompany a billing invoice to a customer.  If that documentation could be attached at the billing creation or with a separate step prior to the step when system emails invoices that would be ideal, AND it would save many steps of saving invoices to PDF and then attaching docs to send via Outlook or other mail software.

  • Lisa Gancel
  • Sep 19 2017
  • Attach files
  • Forrest Hawes commented
    January 23, 2019 20:27

    I was entertaining the idea of attachments to my invoices to my customers.  I enabled attachments and after contacting support, I find the only point to attach a file is at the "Edit Unposted Invoices" transaction menu.  I agree with Lisa that there should be an earlier point at which to attach a document, at least at the "Review Invoices" stage.  But, I think for Lisa's purpose it needs to be at the creation point.  All the better. 

    I have never had to edit unposted invoices.  Once they are reviewed for accuracy, it's "Create Transactions" then "Post Transactions".  So, it will involve a complete extra step for attachments for me.  Trying to understand the logic on that but hopefully this can be incorporated into one of the upgrades, sooner rather than later.  It can be left at the current stage but add an earlier stage for the stated reason.  Thank you Lisa for the idea.