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Timesheet Report that includes Distribution Code Detail

When reviewing payroll, currently I have to use two reports.  The timesheet report and a distribution code list.  This gets time consuming when the information could be in one report for checking timesheets. I'd rather see the accounting string than the distribution code name most of the time to check for payroll keying errors.

  • Loren Bair
  • Sep 19 2017
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  • Loren Bair commented
    19 Nov, 2018 03:45pm

    Yea, but it doesn't show the distribution code account strings as described below.  You can only see the account strings on the distribution code list as entered by payroll.  So to verify the account string keyed in by payroll against the timesheet as human error can occur,  you cannot just look at the timesheet report which would be best.  Instead you have to check the hours on the timesheet report, then the account strings on the distribution code list.  This could be in one all inclusive report. Or at least the ability given so users have the choice.

  • Mark Hagerty commented
    29 Aug, 2018 04:17pm

    The Timesheet report (regular) provides the Distribution Code and Description columns and the Distribution Code filter. You can create a new custom report to include the columns or edit a default report and select the columns to save a new report.

    The Quick Timesheet report does not include the Distribution Code or Description.