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Allocation Code - increase Pool code segments

As a non-profit who's primary source of funding is federal funds, many of the federal grants that are specific for 'individuals' (such as DOL employment and training grants) require different types of activity tracking for the grants (multiple layers), of which we use multiple segments in order to report our data.  We also use a segment for leverage $$ tracking of all these direct and allocated costs.  Therefore, with all this tracking of activity, we really need additional segments to allocate from.  Currently we are short ONE segment and it is causing us to do a lot of manual entries on behalf of a system that should be able to process this one part no problem. 

In this outline, you can see how many segments we need to have in our pool to allocate from:

  • Grant (gl seg 1 – Funding Source)
    • Admin (gl seg 2 - Activity)
        • Direct (gl segment 4 – Misc.)
        • Leverage (gl segment 4 – Misc.)
    • Program (gl segment 2 - Activity)
      • Activity 1 Type (gl segment 3 – Activity Description)
        • Direct (gl segment 4 – Misc.)
        • Leverage (gl segment 4 – Misc.)
      • Activity 2 Type (gl segment 3 – Activity Description)
        • Direct (gl segment 4 – Misc.)
        • Leverage (gl segment 4 – Misc.)

We are using the segments that require the least amount of manual corrections.  We really need to include our gl sec 2 in the category below.  The Misc. section below is all our MANDATORY leverage tracking required by DOL.  The requirement for leveraging, braiding, or tracking in-kind costs is considered standard in today’s grants, and the system really needs to brought up to that level. 


RAB of salaries gl code method used:

Pool tab:

Recipient tab:

  • Jessica Roche
  • Dec 12 2017
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  • Maggie Thompson commented
    December 15, 2017 16:31

    I would be careful relying on MIP to track utilizing the segments. We do so ourselves, utilizing the segments to track departments and EE expenses, and had planned on using another to track projects. With the last update, MIP now has a defect in the Expanded GL reports. We have an escalated case open with no time estimation of when the defect will be fixed. The problem is that the report now breaks out the opening balance by all of the segments rather than having one opening/beginning/current balance at the natural GL code level. Some of our GL reports can be pages long in just beginning balances with no real way to tie to the prior month balance. What a mess! Maggie Thompson, Sr. Acct, National Philanthropic Trust