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Fix Buggy Excel Output - Transaction Report

I've encountered a bug that I believe originates in MIP. When I output a transaction report to Excel, one of the first things I do is convert debits and credits to a single column. This is a simple formula operation. If debits are in column A and credits in column B, Amount is computed in column C as A-B = C. This facilitates the use of pivot tables for analysis and I consider it an essential step in preparing the data.

Ordinarily MIP transaction report output to Excel writes a value on each row to either the debit field or the credit field, but not both. The other field is blank. In this situation, the formula A-B=C calculates correctly. Recently, I noticed the formula sometimes returns #value instead of an amount. Investigation shows output is not consistent. This happens because sometimes the empty field contains a quote mark. When the quote mark is present, the formula doesn't work. While I know how to deal with this, it adds time to the task and impedes work flow. Also, really, I'm 99% certain this a MIP bug. I've been using MIP since 1986 and this a new problem in the past month or so. I expect the product to be bug free and for the software to work consistently.

This particularly problematic for large data sets. It is too easy to miss the problem and not correct for it. Today, I was working with an unposted transactions report with 1851 rows of data. 32 rows exhibited the quote mark problem. In all the other rows, the column without the dollar value provided a blank cell as expected. It can occur in the debit or credit column.

  • Phil Symonds
  • Jan 23 2018
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  • Matthew Burke commented
    January 29, 2018 20:58

    Yes!! I recently started experiencing this frustrating problem! Please fix it.