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Improved Excel Output for Transaction Reports

It would be great if we can see some enhancements to Excel output. It would be even better if these things could be controlled by a check box dialog. In no particular order, here are some of the things I deal with to "clean" the data for analysis:

1) Convert debits and credit to single column. It would great to see a single column output with credits shown as negative numbers.

2) Dates are output as text. It would be a serious improvement if they output as a serial number formatted as date. The text entries in the worksheet don't behave like date-type data.

3) Eliminate the blank line between the header and the data. It is the first thing I delete. Transaction reports are used for analysis. Excel headers need to be attached to the data, not separated.

4) Eliminate all the underlining. It is just a presentation nuisance, particularly if the data are meant for analysis.

5) Eliminate all formatting. Allow the user's defaults to control formatting.

6) Allow the user to change all column headings in the contents panel of the MIP report. Many are greyed out.

Yes, I realize that csv output will address a great deal of this an more. The problem with direct text file output is that the segment names are the cryptic database names, not the defined names like Fund or Dept. I know that Code_1SegNum is Fund in my database, but it's not very friendly.

Thank you for your consideration!

  • Phil Symonds
  • Jan 23 2018
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