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Create a Functional Expense Report Format

We are required to submit a functional expense report for our audit that shows how all salaries or other line items are broken between our programs. Right now there is not an option to create separate columns for each program, we have to print our ledger by separating programs in the content section and then use excel to show the data.

  • Barbara Finke
  • Feb 16 2018
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  • Bruce Nickerson commented
    7 Dec, 2018 04:00pm

    Barbara -  You can "assemble" or group each of you statement of function expense column accounts using the Assign Report Group feature.  Use the Combining Statement of Rev &^ Expense report and you can print the statement of functional expenses out with or without groping by program.   Bruce Nickerson     BL Nickerson & Associates.

  • Chuck Roamer commented
    16 Feb, 2018 09:28pm

    We were able to create our own by using the combining R&E report as a basis.  We created our functional cost categories (ie wages, benefits, direct costs, etc...) then assigned each object code to those categories.  We then moved our fund numbers in the sequence we wanted them and used a subtotal name to gather similar grants together.  I then exported this to excel and hid the individual programs to just see the subtotals with their functional expense categories.