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EWS Timesheet Submission - add EWS System Setting to prevent unsubmitting approved time

With EWS Timesheet Submission enabled, when an employee submits a timesheet and the manager approves it, EWS allows that employee to subsequently unsubmit the time. While this does allow ease of use, it also causes issues for some managers that expect that entry to be "locked". Suggest adding a control in EWS System Settings to prevent employees from unsubmitting, already submitted and approved time. Submitted on behalf of customer#29100.

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  • Mar 2 2018
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    We have only been using this for about 3 months and have had to 'unsubmit' timesheets several times, even after the manager has approved them. We catch things in HR/Payroll that the managers do not. If this suggestion occurs, I hope it is optional.

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  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2018 09:26pm

    This change is required to ensure data integrity. The employee should not be able to unsubmit once an approver approves. A time entry detail line cannot be deleted or changed once approved, unsubmit should likewise not be allowed.