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Count Records on Report

I need to know how many records there are on any of several reports.  In payroll, for example, I would like the Earnings History report to display the number of employees at the end of the report.  In AP, for example, I would like the number of vendors to show on various reports.  (I produce one report showing YTD dollars spent by vendor -- useful for those of us having oppressive procurement rules getting audited -- I'd like to be able to tell the Board we have to complete formal procurement procedures on ___ (number) of vendors.

The applications to this request are endless.  All reporting portions of Abila should have some sort of "counting" capability, whether it is number of GL accounts in a list, number of checks written, number of ... you get the idea.

This would be extremely helpful on many kinds of reconciliations.  (Number of persons with medical deduction this month versus last month, etc.)

Thanks for your consideration.

  • Bruce Breeding
  • Mar 25 2018
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