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It would be helpful if EWS could calculate OT on all hourly time sheets.  A lot of our ee's are not at computers all day, or even in cell coverage, so punching in and out in a website is not possible.  Why should it matter if the punch in time is from an editable clock entry or from someone entering on the screen.  

  • Tina Morse
  • Apr 19 2018
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  • Tonya Nunn commented
    June 18, 2018 17:27

    I have a real hard issue with the OT calculation in EWS. We had an employee who forgot to clock out for lunch, that threw her over 40 hours. I fixed it before she submitted her time but it left the OT calculation in the system. Why does a TIMEKEEPING system not recalculate OT when there is a change? Why should managers have to manually add up the hours to see if OT is real or not?