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Financial Statement Reports - Include/Exclude Sub-Programs depending upon Rev or Exp Type Account

This is a request I put in years ago when we first migrated to MIP.  We set up very few GL Revenue Accounts but used may Sub-Programs that are related to one of those revenue accounts.  For example:  We have one Housing Revenue Account with multiple sub-programs that are related to it.  Conversely, a few revenue accounts and all of the expense accounts we don't care to see the sub-programs.  It would truly be great if we could indicate that we want to see sub-programs for ALL or Select Revenue our Expense Accounts when running Financial Statements.  This would save so much time in running the same report once with sub-programs in the content and then without.  In addition, we can create reports that can be run without doing this manipulation that would be simpler for higher levels to review.  I would imagine many of your clients were set up like this so that there were not many type of similar GL accounts.  This could be done on another tab or in the options tab were you could select show sub-program for All Revenue accounts or selected revenue accounts and the same for the expense side. This way one custom report could be created and run without manipulation each month.  Would see to be beneficial for all and should be a relatively simple filter screen fix. Thank you. 

  • Todd Suler
  • May 22 2018
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