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Report Scaling

It would be incredibly helpful to have an option to scale a report to fit on one page. For example, if a report is just barely too wide to fit onto one page, providing an option to fit all columns on one page. The same could be done to fit all rows on one page. These options are similar to those currently available in Excel, this would skip the step to export to Excel then print. This would end up scaling down the size of the text as necessary but could be a very big time-saver when printing reports.

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  • Jun 6 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Natalie Cacho commented
    25 May 04:40pm
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  • angela tayloe commented
    5 Feb 04:27pm

    Agree, exporting opens data for manipulation and it is a basic function. 

    Dear Admin - Please expand on where the "existing features are that enable this" (besides downloading to excel).

  • Jason Gibson commented
    4 Feb 05:20pm

    It is crazy that Abila will not implement this.  Scaling is a BASIC function of reporting.  Abila report is terrible.

  • Tom Donelan commented
    4 Feb 05:12pm

    Yes, but exporting to Excel opens the data to be manipulated, so the information no longer has the authority or veracity that a report from MIP has. 

    Scaling is a much more efficient means of adjusting the information to a page.  The other methods take a lot of trial and error time to get it to fit - alot of time!  

  • Allison Lee commented
    4 Feb 04:30pm

    There are existing features that enable this. Also exporting to Excel or another format would enable this.