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EWS - Managers report with staff information

In EWS, a manager can see terminated staff and their information. Apparently there is no filter. Some of our managers have high turnover and we have been using Abila Payroll & HR Mgmt for over 10 years. There are too many employees when there is no filtering for terminated employees. I also have grave concerns about a manager having the phone number, address & emergency contact information on a person who is no longer an employee. 

  • Tonya Nunn
  • Jun 18 2018
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    21 Feb 22:38

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  • Donna Reimers commented
    July 11, 2018 22:50

    The only way around the problem is in the former employee HR record is to remove any names in the Manager, Supervisor, Secondary Supervisor and in the Approver in Timesheet Setup. By doing this the employee will not show in EWS