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Distribution Codes - view which one was used on any given transaction

When reviewing transactions  where a Distribution Code was used, there is no way to for the reviewer to verify that the right code was used.  When reviewing entries, there is a link for "distribution code information", however that just opens up to the where I can access of all distribution codes, not the specific one that was used to the transaction in questions. 

This will be helpful for our auditors or for staff reviewing accuracy of transactions before posting, especially if our company has many DCs set up or if the reviewer is not familiar with the codes.

  • Adriana Sandoval
  • Oct 18 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Tom Donelan commented
    4 Feb 05:01pm

    But MIP designed the system to create transactions based on distribution codes.  Without being able to know that a transaction was created with a distribution code and which one, means Abila is not allowing the transaction to be completely reviewed. 

    There is no way confirm the correct code was used to create the transactions, other than manually reviewing the allocation.  I have had to make so many huge corrections, because there was no way to confirm the distribution codes that I do not recommend using them any more .  A good idea and needed function, but very poorly executed. 

    This is not a good answer and leaves in place a needed tool that is only partially implemented.  Yes, you probably do need to increase the field size to incorporate tracking the distribution code.  But this should have been on the radar for sometime when there is an opportunity to do that.  To say never is not acceptable.

  • Patricia Krasensky commented
    4 Feb 04:45pm

    Our work around is using a segment that we have named DC. When entering Distribution Codes, we put the code in that segment and can then  choose when running reports.

    Not perfect - but better than nothing

  • Cherith Greenwood commented
    4 Feb 04:33pm

    Aren't all of the suggestions given to make system "design" changes? Besides, distribution codes are already part of the system.  This ability would be extremely beneficial.

  • Allison Lee commented
    4 Feb 04:18pm

    From MIP Product Management: The system is designed for the review of transactions and not distribution codes.

  • Andrea King commented
    28 Oct, 2019 05:52pm

    Our department feels it would be a very useful tool and has been on our "wish list" for years. 

  • Connie Gomez commented
    8 Oct, 2019 08:19pm

    Would love to see this enhancement

  • Susan McCarthy commented
    7 Oct, 2019 06:02pm

    This would be very helpful.

  • Todd Suler commented
    3 Oct, 2019 01:50pm

    I completely agree with this and this goes way back.  We use a ton of distribution codes and it would be great to see them on the AP run reports so that I know they used the correct code when making the selection.  This would be an enhancement that will benefit all your clients and one that is way over due. Thank you, 

  • Lee Hunter commented
    3 Oct, 2019 01:26pm

    I vote for the enhancement.

  • Wendy Kowalski commented
    2 Oct, 2019 12:39pm

    This would be extremely helpful to us as well!