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Use The Date Restrictions that are avilalbe in MIP Fund Accounting in EWS as well

In Abila MIP Fund accounting, we are able to control when entries (A/R, A/P, Payroll, etc) are entered.  By using the not before "this" date and not after "that" date.  In EWS, we are constantly having staff make errors and submitting time in the EWS system and they are able to change/delete/effect the history of the time records.  We process a bi-weekly payroll, it would be so helpful if after we processed a bi-weekly payroll we could LOCK all time entries prior to that last day of the bi-weekly payroll cycle.  It is so frustrating that non-exempt (hourly) employees using Form III are able to effect the history of timesheet records.  We have many state and federal contracts where we need to produce documentation.  It is very concerning that the history of payrolls already processed are deleted and/or changed. 

  • Mark Waskiewicz
  • Jan 18 2019
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  • Guest commented
    August 01, 2019 14:38

    This would also be useful to prevent entries after a specific date to give our fiscal staff time to do mass changes to cost centers.