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Payroll Deductions - allow deductions to be direct deposited.

Adjusting Direct deposit files for retirement deductions, Health Savings Account deductions, and other deductions which create an employer liability is slow and allows human error.

I recommend a field be added to Maintain >Payroll >Employee Information >Direct Deposit Tab.  This field should be tied to the deductions table and allow deduction codes to be assigned to a direct deposit line.


A check box should be added to the Maintain >Payroll >Deduction Codes >Deductions Tab which will indicate that a deduction is to be direct deposited or not.

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  • Jan 22 2019
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  • Bruce Breeding commented
    09 Feb 22:52

    I could use more information about this suggestion before I vote for it.  Is the idea one of being able to create an ACH file to a benefit vendor, for example, where you would send the funds to that vendor by uploading your payment file to your bank (such as a NACHA file) for processing?  If so, that's an interesting suggestion.  

    We have quite a few benefits and deductions.  In most cases, the organization pays for part and the individual pays for part, and "both parts" would need to be put into that ACH file in order for it to be able to pay the "full amount".  This can also be tricky if the timing of the payroll and the date due with the vendor are not sync'd in some way.

    But, maybe you had something completely different in mind.