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Allow Filtering on Effective Date field in the Unposted GL Transactions Report

We are attempting to shorten our time to close each month.  That means we have to pay strict attention to transaction effective dates so that prior month transactions are posted in the prior month (to the degree possible) even though we process that transaction as late as the 10th of the month.  I need an easy way to learn (1) what transactions are unposted that have a "last month" effective date and (2) in what "session" does that transaction(s) reside?  [Tangent:  Why can't you just say "batch" like some of us have been saying for decades?]

This change would save us a substantive amount of time each month (and would save time for others needing this feature). It would also help me to keep "the numbers" consistent from month to month as I report to the Board.  They, for some reason -- ;) -- get frustrated about prior period reports that they approved changing during the following month (because there are transactions dated into last month).

I know one person suggested sorting transactions by effective date, but that does not allow me to see the summary data I need to see by other GL segments.  I don't want the transactions sorted in "effective date" order.  And then, of course, I could extract the transactions into Excel and do the work myself ... defeating the purpose of having an accounting system that was robust in providing the user with an effective and efficient way to process transactions, produce meaningful reports and manage our finances well.

I filed this suggestion as "General Ledgers" -- it was as close a category for this idea as I could determine.

  • Bruce Breeding
  • Feb 11 2019
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