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EWS Issue Found when Requiring Employees to Submit Timesheets

FEATURE OF THE SYSTEM:  There is an EWS system setting available that requires employees to submit their timesheets to managers, and prevents managers from approving those entries prior to employees submitting.  it is a global setting for the company database.  However, you have a checkbox in the employee TS settings in HR that allows you to exclude a specific employee from being required to submit.  This would be helpful for those employees such as management/admin that we may not need a "submit" process for. 

ISSUE FOUND:  If you check the box for "Submit not Required" on an employee's TS settings and that person is also a manager, then not only does it remove the need for them to submit their own time, but it also overrides the restrictions preventing them from approving their staff's time until after it is submitted.  In other words, once that box is checked, they as a manager can approve entries that have not yet been submitted to them by other staff.  That shouldn't happen, because we would still want their staff to be required to submit before approval.   

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  • Jun 11 2019
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    14 Oct, 2019 08:23am

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