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Multiple Account Code Combination Rules

I'm asking for an enhancement to the combination rules. Right now there is a single table. I find it is fairly easy to manage if it is limited to 3 segments, where GL Account is not one of the segments. I'd like to go beyond this. I find if I allow the rule to include 4 or 5 segments, the number of entries in the table grows into the thousands and becomes nearly impossible to maintain.

If there were two or three such combination tables, they could interact to give improved control while allowing the administrator to keep the number of entries in each table to a manageable number.

For example, the table I'm using covers Department-Program-Grant and holds about 260 entries. It works well, but it is incomplete. I'd like to add Fund and Restriction. If I were to do this, I estimate the single table would contain between 5,000 and 10,000 rows. I deem this to be unworkable. If I could keep the existing 260 row table and add a second table that only looks at Fund and Restriction, the second table would have only about 20 entries. A third table would be even better -- that one could look at Fund and GL Account and it would probably be under 1,000 rows, but it should need much maintenance.

The maintenance becomes necessary every time a new Grant code is entered into the chart of accounts. New grants are awarded on an on-going basis.

  • Phil Symonds
  • Jun 19 2019
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