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We would like to be able to show YTD amounts for benefits, deductions and earnings, separated out on vouchers

We would like to be able to show YTD amounts for benefits, deductions and earnings, separated out on vouchers.  We currently have only one option of showing YTD amounts and that means that the earnings, benefits, and deduction codes are all grouped together.  This is confusing when your benefit and deduction codes are the same (and possibly earnings codes too).

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  • Mar 23 2017
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  • Forrest Hawes commented
    9 Dec, 2019 09:36pm

    I disagree the "Already exists" notion.  It does not exist that I can find, as it is stated in the initial request.

  • Andrea Gordon commented
    3 Dec, 2019 05:12pm

    This says it already exists, but I am referring to Forms Designer. Our employees wanted the benefits separate from the deductions. I was able to do that, but there is not a field for YTD info when you set it up that way.

    Andrea E. Gordon

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  • DeAnna Johnson commented
    3 Dec, 2019 04:55pm

    It is nice that this already exist but can you tell us where to locate?

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  • Andrea Gordon commented
    30 Aug, 2017 06:20pm

    If you use custom forms, you can create your payroll voucher to separate them out. I just did it so we will see how our next vouchers look.

  • Andrea Gordon commented
    30 Aug, 2017 04:46pm

    We recently had to supply an employee with a list of our earning codes, benefit codes, and deduction codes for an entity that they provided their pay stub to. The information that was on the stub was not clearly identified as a benefit or deduction, so we had to clarify for them. This would be great!