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Ability to filter in HR Mgmt Employee Info screen more than just Active Only

When you select Employee Info, you are given all employees. Then, you can select the "active only" filter box to get you only active employees.  But, what if I had a need to make the same adjustment to a number of employees that happen to have the same attribute? I would have to run a query or report with that attribute, then, go back into the Employee Info screen and jump to each employee's record and change the attribute or field.  It gives an easy count of those employees with those specific attributes, also.  Just as an example, one filter could be gender. One could be marital status. One could be birth date. You could make the filtered fields on almost any field in the DB.  It's kind of like a select query.  Maybe you need to find out which employees are missing a field that you want to have populated - some are some are not.  it would be so much quicker to filter directly on this header section than run a report.

  • Dan McCue
  • Dec 5 2019
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