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Vendor Reporting

We need a single report that shows only vendors that have not been paid after a certain date. This report would be helpful in the process of discontinuing vendors.  Latoya Edwards ledwards@crsnyc.org Case #SC0399714

  • Claudine Martin
  • Apr 10 2017
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  • Mark Hagerty commented
    22 Feb, 2018 09:17pm

    Using the Vendor Activity report to find inactive vendors

    Set up a report name - Inactive Vendors

    Date Item - Last Year (this cover the last fiscal year - the From date can be changed to an older date to pick up additional inactive vendors)
    Content - Report Body
    • Vendor ID
    • Vendor Name
    • Status
    • Class
    • Type
    • Vendor ID <> <Blank>
    • Status = A
    • Total Paid = 0.00
    • Summarize Amounts - Checked
  • Bruce Nickerson commented
    20 Dec, 2017 06:41pm

    Running a filtered Check Register and exporting to Excel should work.

  • Curtis Cox commented
    22 Nov, 2017 07:50pm

    I was able to accomplish this by creating a list of active vendors and a report for vendors we paid in the past two years to include payments (by check). I dumped both reports into Excel, sorted, did a pivot table and those active vendors without zero counted checks were deactivated in MIP. That's the short version.

  • Ryan Peters commented
    1 May, 2017 11:43pm

    We could also use this to clean up our Vendor list, we're getting ready to implement Microix and between duplicates (for different branches of companies), and other people we've paid reimbursements to over the years the active list is much longer than it should be. It would be nice to find all the Vendors we haven't used in the past (year, two years, etc) so that we can set them to inactive.

  • Kristi Wilson commented
    18 Apr, 2017 02:25pm

    YESSSSS!  This would be incredibly helpful!